Friday, January 12, 2007

Clemson Mania on ESPNU!

Clemson's Saturday game at Maryland will be shown exclusively on ESPNU on Saturday, January 13, 2007. After Maryland's home loss to royalty-free Miami (Anthony King is out), Clemson's chances for remaining undefeated just went up. (Unless of course you subscribe to the theory that Maryland will be really jazzed up after a loss). Once upon a time Maryland and Gary Williams were Duke's Nemesis, but ever since the national championship era, Maryland has been struggling, part of it being the success of the program gave all the assistant coaches head-coaching jobs, with Gary Williams rebuilding not just with the players, but also with the assistant coaches.

If you want to watch this game, and your cable/satellite provider (such as Comcast), does not carry ESPNU, please call them and demand that they add ESPNU to their line-up. They got tired of hearing it from me :-) Also let ESPN know, since there seems to be some sort of issue that prevents this from happening.

Memo to Comcast and ESPN: Add ESPNU now!


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