Saturday, May 27, 2006

Kelvin Sampson One Year Ban

Kelvin Sampson's One Year Bar is sort of a ban since he is allowed to text message recruits. Don't miss ESPN's Outside the Lines coverage of this topic this Sunday morning.

As you may recall, Kelvin Sampson was heading the college basketball coaches assocation and featured a conference on ethics (!!!). Sampson's violations were not of the innocent type (eg Majerus buying a player a sandwich). Sampsons staff made hundreds of additional recruiting calls. Hundreds!

It looks like the ghost of Bob Knight's Legacy may be haunting Indiana for years to come...

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Wednesday Rewind

  • Thanks to the DavidsonBasketball blog for their reference in their blog!
  • Speaking of NC State, Seth Davis has a long writeup on the situation at NC State. Hard times in Raleigh
  • If you missed OJ Mayo's recent game on FSN at the King James Shooting Stars Classic, you can catch a rerun at Fox College Sports. Check local listings for details as it varies from region to region. OJ Mayo exploded in the 2nd quarter, essentially ending the game right there.
  • Rumor has it super-speedy PG Devon Downey is heading to South Carolina. Dave Odom's domination of the post season NIT may end in 2007-08 as Downey will likely lead the team to the NCAA tourney :-)
  • The matchups for the 2006 ACC-Big Eleven Challenge have been setup! The super-star matchup will feature the two best recruiting classes of 2006: North Carolina hosting Ohio State. Whoever set this up is very very clever! This is gonna be an awesome game! Set your VCRs and TiVos to record this already :-) Puke will host Indiana and new coach Kelvin Sampson. The 3rd biggest match is Maryland at Illinois.
  • How about some college basketball on TV right now? Starting May 7, ESPN-Classic will be airing a classic game every Sunday night at 11pm, starting with the 83 Houston-NCState game.
  • ABC will broadcast the "EA Sports All American Show" on May 14, featuring talented athletes of various sports, including basketball.
  • CBS will have a basketball related episode of the series "Close to Home" on May 5.

  • Tuesday, May 02, 2006

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