Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Wisconsin Green Bay at Ohio State

It was the Lighty, Hunter and Koufos show. Sounds like a law firm? Maybe, but the raw talent is there for the Thad Mata express! Don't count out this team just because it's young and inexperienced! Their second five are good enough to start for half of the other Big 10 teams in terms of raw talent.

This team has it all, with the exception perhaps of a backup point guard, and that really depends on how sophomore juco PJ Hill does. Other than that they have it all, athletic forwards, inside-out forwards, centers, thinking forwards, perimeter forwards, and more forwards! And wings too! Look out for Dallas Lauderdale to become a Terrence Dials type player by the end of his sophomore season. Also in the second wave are Eric Wallace, Evan Turner, and transfer Kyle Mardsen.

Wisconsin Green Bay was a no-match for the Thad Mata express. Not only they had to content with the home advantage but also the waves and waves of raw talent coming their way.

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