Sunday, November 11, 2007

Eastern Washington at Washington State

One of the presidential candidates had to borrow our private jet for a haircut, so we ended up watching the game on the television. All apologies for not bringing you live action from the floor :)

Eastern Washington is a mess, and that's putting it nicely. With a new coach, a four pack of transfers-out, and Rodney Stuckey (we told you last November to keep an eye out for him!) in the NBA, this is a team in search for a team. But that doesn't mean they are going to mail it in. They did come to play, even though they only had eight players at their disposal, and one of them was only approved by Big Brother a few hours before tipoff.

Washington State was pretty much what we expected, wasn't it coach Green? The core played as expected, Kyle Weaver, Derrick Low with a Diana Taurasi at UConn hair style (ok, I'll leave the fashion analysis to E!), walk-on designate Taylor Rochestie, and the two versatile forwards, Cowgill and Harmeling. What is a big wild card for the Cougs is the big Australian center Aron Baynes. He showed some nice moves, he lost weight and gained more strength, and had his way with the undersized opponents. So the big question is how will he do against bigger, stronger and better centers and power forwards? Can he bully them the same way? If yes, Tony Bennett has just found yet another (good reason) to slow down the game even more and pound it inside using his revamped space eater. And we will find out how he does because there's a lot of bigs in the Pac-10, such as Kevin Love and UFC wrestler Lorenzo Mata, the Lopez twins, Brockman and Wallace, Boetang, Tangara, etc, etc.

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