Monday, November 27, 2006

College Basketball on DVD Reference Guide

Some of these are the official NCAA DVDs produced in association with CBS Sports, some of them are produced by the individual teams, all sold on Amazon:

The pictures are links to the Amazon summary product page, with more details on these. I have not reviewed any of these (yet), so please do your research before purchasing... Some of them have full games, some of them have highlights, some have both...

  • 1978 Duke-Kentucky NCAA Championship game
  • 1979 Larry Bird vs Magic Johnson final
  • 1980 NCAA Championship Louisville vs UCLA
  • 1981 NCAA Championship: North Carolina vs Indiana
  • North Carolina 1982 - Flashback
  • 1985 Villanova championship - a family's legacy
  • Syracuse 2003 Champions - Finally Orange
  • UConn Huskies 2004 Champions (ConnQuest)
  • 2004 Women's Final Four
  • 2005 Destination Indianapolis - Women's Final Four
  • 2005 Lady Bear Brilliance - Official NCAA Women's championship
  • North Carolina 2005 Champions - Team Carolina
  • 2006 Women's Final Four
  • 2006 Women's Final Four in Boston
  • 2006 Gator Glory
  • 2005-2006 Florida Gators
  • Magnificent March - Official 2006 NCAA Championship, includes three full games (three Final Four games: national semifinals and final) and highlights and specials
  • Un4gettable the 2005-2006 LSU Journey
  • 2006 West Virginia Highlights - Sweet Memories
  • Billy Donovan - Mastering the Full Court press
  • Mastering the Flex Offense by Gary Williams
  • John Wooden's UCLA Offense Book/DVD package
  • 100 years of Duke - guaranteed to fill up your TV screen with Coach K smug-pixels :-)

    If you are looking for Hardwood Heavens documentaries, documentaries on some of the most historical college basketball arenas narrated by Brent Mussberger, check this post

    If you are looking for the 2007 NCAA Tournament DVDs, check here. This year every single game of the NCAA tournament is available on DVD!

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