Tuesday, February 06, 2007

New book on Pistol Pete released today!

A brand new 400-page hardcover book on Pistol Pete is released today, titled "Pistol Pete: The Life of Pete Maravich" by Mark Kriegel. More details on the book in the Amazon product page including three user reviews.

Thanks to blog readers HoopsMaven and PistolPeteFan for pointing out another recent book called "Maravich" by Wayne Federman, Marshall Terrill, and Jackie Maravich. This book was published at the start of this basketball season (Oct 2006).

Some older books on Pistol Pete:

  • Forever Showtime: The Checkered Life of Pistol Pete Maravich (Hardcover), by Phil Berger
  • Heir to a Dream (Paperback) by Pete Maravich (Author), Darrel Campbell (Author), Frank Schroeder (Author)
  • I Remember Pete Maravich: Personal Recollections of Basketball's Pistol Pete by the People and Players Who Knew Him (Hardcover) by Mike Towle. Also available in paperback


    HoopsMaven said...

    Wow. Do I have to buy this as well? This is the second new book on Pistol in a month. MARAVICH by Marshall Terrill and Wayne Federman is an amazing read.

    PistolPeteFan said...

    Hey, I already read them both. The are both great in their own way. Pistol (Kreigel) is way more about Press Maravich and MARAVICH (Federman/Terrill) is more about Pete. Their section on Dr. J and Pete as teammates is worth the price alone. I honestly wish there was a third book. I can't get enough. There's a new video on YouTube with just Pete's NCAA highlights... I couldn't believe what I saw.

    ncaahoops said...

    Thanks HoopsMaven and PistolPeteFan for the comments. I will update the post above with the other book as well. I searched for "Pistol Pete" so I didn't find it earlier on. The search for "Maravich" has returned a couple of other books as well.

    I think the release dates are probably coinciding with the end of the football season/SuperBowl, becuase now the sports fans shift to the build-up to March Madness.

    I also noticed in the TV listings of Fox College Sports a listing called "Pistol Pete Dairies". I am not sure what this program is. I will post it in the daily TV listings. The first airing appears to be Tue February 13. I will post an update when I find out more.

    By the way the author of "Pistol Pete" (Kreigel) is featured in an interview in this week's "Crystal Ball" on CSTV. That's where I found out about this book. He said that if Pete played with the three pointer he would probably average around 51 points.

    pistolpetefan said...

    Here it is: Ultimate COLLEGE Pistol Pete Maravich MIX www.youtube.com/watch?v=n8qUZILi8IM

    ncaahoops said...

    Thanks PistolPeteFan! Pistol Pete was definately a unique basketball player!

    ncaahoops said...

    Okay, I found out more about the "Pistol Pete Diaries" on Fox College Sports. It's a brand new six-part series, a Fox College Sports production. Details in today's post

    Lee said...

    "Pistol" is the best and most accurate Pete Maravich book I ever read. The others just don't get it. "Pistol" humanizes the Maravich struggle. Press alone is amazing. I couldn't put this book down. I was a big "Pistol Pete fan in the '70's.

    ncaahoops said...

    I haven't read the book yet, but I am watching the "Pistol Pete Diaries" on Fox College Sports with the author of the book, Mark Kriegel and he presents an interesting and multi-faced story, as you mentioned, humanizing Pete and Press Maravich.

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