Thursday, June 29, 2006

The wait is over, the NBA Draft 2006 is complete!

  • The Portland Jailblazers have a new name: They are now known as the Portland TradeBlazers!
  • Unless there are salary cap or contractual issues that I am not aware of, a couple of the Portland Tradeblazers trades did not make sense as they could get those two players without trading!
  • The Dookies hype works again. JJ "Dui" Redick at #11 and the Landlord at #5. Dick Vitale deserve a 15% commission out of every Dookie contract.
  • Does the NBA need a 3rd round? There are certainly enough recognizable players to fill-up the 3rd round, although at that point, it's probably more beneficial for the players not selected in the draft to be free agents rather than in a hypothetical 3rd round.
  • Almost six UConn players were selected in the draft. Unfortunately for Rashad Anderson it was only five.
  • Marcus "Laptop" Williams's drop was a blessing in disguise: He will be learning under Jason Kidd!
  • Yes, everyone was shocked with Renaldo Balkman, but that guy has a lot of energy. Yes, the Knicks could have easily had him at #29, or the 2nd round or even as an undrafted free agent. Perhaps Dolan/Isiah wanted the people to complain about something other than Larry Brown.
  • College stars that were undrafted, but it doesn't necessarily mean they won't make it to the NBA: Pittsnogle, Gansey, Darius Washigton (ouch!), Dials, Brunner, Garrison, Eric Williams, JP Batista (!), Killingsworth, T. Francis, Fey, Taj Gray, Haryacz, Justin "shotblocking" Williams (Wyoming), Kickert, M.Slaughter, Amundson, Maraker, Pops mensah B (ouch!), Buckman, Allan Ray (!), T. Dean, Gardner, Justin Gray, Bennerman, Grier, Chris Rodgers, T. Everett, JJ Barrea, Dw. Mitchell, Stinson (ouch!), G-Mac (ouch!), Quinn, D.Horton, Dockery (not a shock really), Carl Krauser (!), CJ Watson, Horner, Nik Caner Medley, Steven Smith, Bowman, Vukusic (Northwestern), Cory Besler, and many more. There's certainly enough recognizable names to fill up a 3rd round :-)

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