Saturday, December 31, 2011

NCAA, please get rid of the five fouls

I was just watching the Louisville at Kentucky game and I couldn't help get irritated that something silly like foul trouble took out a number of talented players out of the game. All it takes is a bitter old man with an overactive whistle to force the best players to sit on the bench for a lot of the game. Kentucky almost ran out of guards and Louisville ran out of forwards!

And it's not the fouling out that's the problem, it's that when players have 2 or more fouls, their coaches pull them out because they are worried the crazy old man with the whistle is going to give them more.

As a minimum the NCAA should go to six fouls. That's not a good solution but considering how slow and conservative the NCAA is, even that would probably be considered a "dramatic" change.

The game is for the players to PLAY! The best players for each team. Let's not let angry old men with an overactive whistle ruin it for the kids and for the fans!

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