Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Davidson at North Carolina

We knew this would have been an interesting game, but perhaps did not expect it to be so sloppy. But it is the start of the season, and it was an intense game, and a see-saw battle at that. Because of the slugfest at times, it is harder to guestimate and project on Carolina and Davidson.

One thing that was obvious is that Ole Roy and his crew of coaches should never have Quinton Thomas and Marcus Ginyard on the floor at the same time - if they actually want to score points. Neither one is an offensive thread, and having two of them together allows the defense to zero in on the remaining three.

Another interesting observation, the only time UNC had a sustained offensive spark was when they went with one forward, and four wings/guards. This both in the first and the second half. Granted this was just a game, but Deon Thompson and Alex Stepheson did not show much. Perhaps this creates an opening for William Graves?

UNC at times showed signs and shades of the Georgetown meltdown, which of course was the last game they played. Was this just an early season jitters type of thing or is there more to it? Is there something missing from this Carolina team? Why didn't Green and Frasor get more PT since they seem to be more effective?

Dell Stephen Curry got his points, but he was almost Iverson-esque in the number of shots he took to get those points. Davidson was what we expected (for real, not another Coach Green joke). Apart from the smooth shooter in Curry and the heady point guard in Jason Richards, they showed a variety of other players that fill in the blanks. The slugishness of this game made it harder for our Crystal ball to look ahead and project what to expect from Davidson. But the fact that they were in the game from start to finish, and made Carolina earn it the hard way (and just barely at that) is definitely very positive for the Wildcats. But I need to see Davidson again, I was not able to get as much out of it!

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