Sunday, November 11, 2007

Concordia of Canadia at Arizonia (exhbitionia)

The game without Lute it was and Lute was the subject of the game, even though all the Arizona loyals (broadcasters included) respected Lute's request for privacy and avoided to discuss or speculate on the actual reason why he took an indefinite leave of absence.

This was a chance for Kevin O'Neill (the Enforcer) to showcase his softer side. A softer Kevin O'Neill is like the softer side of Sears. It may sound good on paper, but it's still Sears :)

His impact on the team was very evident however. Gone were the Moody Blues, and in came the Defenders. They kept Concordia down to 50, and a modest score, which in other Arizona years would have been the half time score.

What surprised me is that Daniel Dillon was not prominently featured in the rotation, since his main skill is defense and the Enforcer likes defense. But what do I know? I'm just another self-appointed internet authority on basketball ;-)

As expected, Jerryd Bayless is running the show, with Nic Wise as the deputy, but the two of them are also able to play well together, especially given Bayless's's's's ability to score and then score and then score some more. However, Nic Wise finished the game. with Bayless on the bench

McClellan and Budinger are the featured wings, infact they are now the only wings, so it's more shots and more playing time for them. The San Diegan freshman Horne looks like is playing some power forward, taking advantage of his quickness, skills and athleticism. So much for going to a traditional line-up eh? He had some impressive off the ball blocks during the game.

Tangara is becoming what he was supposed to be, after recovering from the injuries, a strong big man who rebounds and blocks shots. Because Jordan Hill is ready for a big breakout and that's all they need from Tangara right now. I wouldn't be surprised if he (Jordan Hill) is an NBA top 25 first rounder before August 1st, 2008.

I'm not one to encourage players to transfer, but if Fendi Onobun can't find a place in the rotation, and if he wants to actually play, perhaps it is time to follow Marques Johnson of UConn. If he can't play for the Enforcer with his power and size, he probably won't break the rotation when Lute Olson returns either.

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