Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Rant: On Comcast, ESPN and ESPNU

This is something that is bothering sports fans who are Comcast susbcribers. ESPNU is not available on Comcast in any shape or form, even though they have hundreds of channels available, some having duplicate content even. So why not ESPNU?

Right now there appears to be a stalemate on ESPNU. Comcast wants to put it in the sports tier package ($5 per month extra (currently on sale for $3/month), while ESPN wants ESPNU to be available to all subscribers.

As you can see this is a petty difference where reasonable minds can find a reasonable compromise. Unfortunately stubborn mules are apparently handling this situation thus the stalemate :-)

In protest, ESPNU is not listed in this blog's TV listings until Comcast and ESPN come together and reach a compromise.

If you want ESPNU, call your local cable and satellite provider and demand ESPNU and tell them to stop the diva wars and reach a compromise. Also let ESPN know that you want them to do whatever it takes to reach a compromise and make ESPNU available one way or another on Comcast.

It's a shame that the ESPNU crew is working so hard to produce so many games, documentaries and in-studio programming that subscribers of one of the biggest cable providers cannot watch.

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