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NBA Draft 2007 Early Entries

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    NBA Draft Calendar
  • Players have until April 29 to declare
  • Draft lottery on May 22
  • The NBA Draft Camp will take place May 29 thru June 4, in Orlando, Florida.
  • Players have until June 18 to withdraw
  • The draft takes place on June 28

    In the NBA already!
  • Randolph Morris (Junior, Kentucky). He was an NBA free agent (went undrafted). He can sign with any team he wants. He did not wait for a new Kentucky coach before making a decision. He jumped to the NBA right away, and signed with the ... New York Knicks

    Official announcements
  • Glen "Big Baby" Davis (Junior, LSU). Will sign with agent. (Another Randolph Morris undrafted big man?)
  • Josh Mecha-Cry-Baby McRoberts (Sophomoric, Duke), and Mom: Will sign with agent
  • Jason Smith (Colorado State). Will not sign with agent (4/4/07).
  • Marcus Williams (Sophomore, Arizona). Agent Likely
  • Joakim Noah (Junior, Florida). Will sign with Agent
  • Al Horford (Junior, Florida). Will sign with Agent
  • Corey Brewer (Junior, Florida). Will sign with Agent
  • Taurean Green (Junior, Florida). Will sign with Agent
  • Spencer Hawes, (Freshman, Washington). No agent (not yet anyway)
  • DeVon Hardin (Cal). No agent.
  • Kevin Durant (Fresh, Texas). Will sign with agent. Will finish classes.
  • Julian Wright (Soph, Kansas), Will sign with agent
  • Arron Afflalo (Jr, UCLA). Cannot return to college (declared last year). Withdrawing from school.
  • Marcel Jones (Junior, Oregon State). No agent.
  • Wilson Chandler (Soph, DePaul). Will sing with agent.
  • Roy Bright, (Jr, Delaware State). No agent.
  • Dominic McGuire, (Cal-transfer, Fresno State). No agent.
  • Chris Daniels (RS-Jr, Texas A&M CC). No agent. Hopes to have the same luck as Bradley's 7-footer did after the NCAA tourney last year.
  • Jeff Green (Jr, Georgetown). No agent. He said (4/18) he is 70-30 on returning to college.
  • Roy Hibbert (Jr, Georgetown). No agent (yet). He said (4/18) he is 50-50 on returning to college.
  • Nick Young (Junior, USC), Will sign with agent.
  • Shaun Pruitt (Jr, Illinois), No agent. Doing the "Interview/Testing the Waters" thing.
  • Rodney Stuckey (Soph, Eastern Washington). Will not sign with agent. And I can't blame him. He is too good to stay and play in the Big Sky. Sorry Eagles fans :)
  • Dwight Brewington (Jr, formerly at Providence). May sign with agent. Would be the first ever deaf player drafted.
  • Rice (George Washington). Will not hire agent.
  • Greg Oden (Fr, Ohio State). Will sign with agent (Conley's dad)
  • Mike Conley, Daquean Cook (Fr, Ohio State). Won't sign with agent, but Conley's dad is an agent. *cough* *cough* *cough*
  • Sean Singletary (Jr, Virginia). Will not hire agent.
  • Joseph Jones (Jr, Texas A&M). Will not hire agent.
  • Reggie Williams (Jr, VMI). Will not hire agent.
  • Brandan Wright (Fr, UNC). No agent right away, but who are we kidding? He's a top 5 pick!
  • Thaddeus Young (Fr, Georgia Tech). No agent (at least for now)
  • James Mays (Jr, Clemson). No agent.
  • Jaycee Carroll (Jr, Utah State). No agent. (better shooter than JJ Whiner Redick)
  • Marcelus Kemp and Ramon Sessions (Jrs, Nevada). No agent.
  • Gabe Pruitt (Junior, USC). No agent.
  • Brandon Rush (So, Kansas). Will not sign with agent right away
  • Javaris Crittenton (Fr, Georgia Tech). Will not sign with agent.
  • Dominic James (Jr, Marquette). Will not sign with agent.
  • Sean Williams (formerly of Boston College). Will sign with agent.
  • Bo McCaleb (Jr, New Orleans), no agent
  • James OFF Curry (Jr, Oklahoma State), no agent
  • Tommy Price (Jr, Tenn State), no agent
  • Charles Rhodes (Jr, Miss State), no agent
  • Aaron Bruce (Jr, Baylor), no agent
  • Jamont Gordon (So, Miss State), was in, but was going to pull out before the April 29 deadline.
  • You may be surprised by some of the names, some are ill-advised, but also please keep in mind that college juniors typically benefit from testing the waters without signing with an agent. Then they go back to school and work on their game, having collected feedback from a number of NBA people. Think of it as preparing for job interviews at the university's career center. Except the career center in this case is the NBA draft.

  • Game Over! The early entry deadline has passed! (4/30/2007).

    New Agents with draft impact
  • Mike Conley's dad. Multi-talented as he was the AAU basketball coach of Conley, Oden et al, and a star field and track athlete back in the day.

    They said they are returning for 2007-2008 - but nothing is final until the NBA early-entry deadline passes (April 29).
  • Brook Lopez, Stanford, 3/19/2007
  • Derrick Caracter, Louisville, HA!
  • Chase Budinger, Arizona
  • The Carolinians (Tywon Lawson, Tyler Hansbrough, Wayne Ellington)
  • Malik Hairston (Oregon)
  • Darren Collison (UCLA) (4/18), reaffirmed (4/24).
  • Joey Dorsey (Jr, Memphis). Presumably he was thinking of the NBDL draft, because he's clearly not ready for the NBA (mentally and offensively).
  • DJ White (Indiana).
  • Chris Lofton (TN)
  • Hasheem Thabeet (Fr, UConn), according to Calhoun
  • Luc Richard (UCLA). As if!

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  • Every 2007 NCAA College Basketball Tournament game on DVD!

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