Saturday, April 21, 2007

Jordan Classic today on ESPN2!

Dont' forget the Jordan Classic, today at 6pm PT / 9pm ET, live from MSG in NYC, on ESPN2! More details on the game including rosters here

  • A frequent question on the Jordan Classic and the Roundball Classic is: Why isn't OJ Mayo or Kevin Love or Patrick Patterson playing in both games? That's because the Big Brother (NCAA) has decided that a player loses his eligibility if he plays in more than two all-star games. Since everyone goes to the McDonalds game, the players have to chose between the Roundball classic (of "Godfather" Sonny Vaccaro) or the Jordan Classic of #23 Michael Jordan.
  • But wait, I saw those players play in the Nike Hoop Summit. How about that??? Well, the Nike Hoop Summitt is under the umbrella of USA Basketball, so it doesn't count as an all-star game for NCAA purposes (even though it really is one).

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