Friday, April 06, 2007

Kentucky Friday!

  • Dick Vitale discovers podcasts. Enjoy!!! He also discovers blogging, and beverages with Howie Schwabb and the Hooters girls.

    Big Story!
  • Yes, that site is up and running. But, no, it's not what you think! In a pre-emptive move, Kentucky fans picked up the domain name to prevent it from falling into disgruntled fan hands. But there are more combinations to be had: fireclyde, firegillispie, firebillygillispie, and then variations on a theme...
  • Billy Gillispie's contract terms at Kentucky: Seven years, $2.3 million per. His previous A&M contract was at $1.25m per year, and the one he was thinking of signing was somewhere between $1.75m to $2m.
  • Live right now (950amPT/1250pmPT) on ESPN-News, the Billy Gillespie Press Conference at Kentucky! Billy Gillispie has a permanent smile glued to his face... "I hope all 24,000 fans (that come to the game) are coaches"...
  • Today's Outside the Line's First Report has a report on the coaching carousel. It will air at 1230pmPT/330pmET on ESPN. OTL page
  • Kentucky selects its next college basketball coach, and it's none other than Texas A&M Billy Gillispie who gets a seven year contract! Bonus points went to BG for beating Rick Pitino at Rupp Arena a couple of weeks ago... Joe B. Hall was interviewed on being a Kentucky basketball coach on Cold Pizza...
  • This leaves A&M without a coach, and with a multi-billion dollar practice facility about to open. Don't be surprised if they pick Doc Sandler, going down the Self/Gillispie/Sandler tree!
  • Kentucky fans can get a glimpse of Billy Gillispie on Fox College Sports as they are airing his last coaches show (after the NCAA tourney) at Texas A&M in the next few days. Note the modern look of the graphics, including some upbeat hip-hop to open the show... Also two of his NCAA games (Louisville, and Memphis) are going to be shown on CSTV in a March Madness this Sunday/Monday. CSTV's TV listings can be a bit iffy as well... He also has a *gasp* MySpace page.

    Kentucky Reaction!
  • Will Eric Wynalda get drunk and swear at Billy Gillispie because he equated "soccer" with "tic-tac-toe" during his press conference at Kentucky???
  • Rob Parker of Detroit News: "Is Dizzy Gillespie not available?", "Kentucky is not a place where you should be breaking new people", "big program deserves big name","they failed", "not a feel good situation", "Remember Matt Doherty going to UNC"
  • Skip Bayless: "NBA people say he is one of the best in-game coaches", "he will outrecruit Tubby".
  • reaction
  • Kentucky site coverage at Sea of Blue, Aaron UK, John Clay, WildCats Thunder, KEntucky Sports Radio,Spams UK,, (Herald), Rivals, Louisville Carrier Journal
  • Dick Vitale picks up his cyber pen and writes about it!

    Huggins Reaction!
  • Huggins signed a similar contract (ESPN) at West Virginia, a 5-year/$5 million deal, starting at $800K, just like Kansas State (I guess a symbolic gesture to show that he didn't do it for the money). This salary will be largely subsidized by John Beilein via Michigan as he has to pay them half a million per year as part of his contract buyout.
  • Frank Martin may takeover Kansas State as damage control according to (ESPN) sources
  • Pat Forde on Huggins: "reprehensible".
  • OJ Mayo may (MAY) want to stay home? But I doubt USC will let him out.
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  • Skip Bayless: "when you dance with the devil you get burned!"
  • Rob Parker of Detroit News: "I can't blame him for wanting to go back to his school"
  • Jamelle Hill of ESPN on Page 2

    Other Coaching Carousel
  • Huggins's assistant Frank Martin will be promoted as head coach at Kansas State according to (ESPN) sources, and existing players and incoming recruits, including Michael Beasley would presumably stay in place, assuming Dalonte Hill (close ties with Beasley) is also retained... Even lumbering 7-footer Jason Bennett went to K-State for Huggins... Which makes one wonder, what the heck was Huggins thinking by bolting to West Virginia and leaving behind his best ever recruiting class? Is there more to the story? Is Huggins leaving behind a time-bomb (eg violations to be uncovered later on) at Kansas State?
  • Marshall has a new head coach and he is of the Donovan tree, assistant Donnie Jones. Donovan was there just yesterday delivering a speech (and perhaps lobbying for his assistant)... Interestingly former Marshall head coach Ron Jirsa will be one of Tubby's assistants at the TimberGophers in Minnessooooooootta.
  • Pat Forde on Arkansas: "Doc Sandler may be the first candidate, Lon Kruger next". It seems like Lon Kruger is mentioned for every single job, but no one really wants him!
  • Larry Eustachy raises a glass (of milk) to toast his 2-year extension at Southern Miss.

    Question of the Day
  • Has college basketball become all about the coaches and big salaries and not enough about the players and the game? It's sad that coaches are getting paid millions per year, while players have to jump through hoops to just get the correct amount of financial assistance to pay their day-to-day bills?

    2007-2008 Season
  • Rick Pitino looks ahead to the next season ( story), with an upgraded schedule that may include a visit at UNLV (facing Reggie Theus???), the Wooden Tradition and a Vegas tourney that may include games with North Carolina, or Gonzaga and a couple of other "names"... Pitino hinted (well, more than just hinted) that Jonathan Huffman may transfer out due to lack of playing time, and he would be willing to accept a transfer if that happened. Translation: A transfer is in the works and Huffman is encouraged to transfer to make room.

    Bonehead of the Day: Nick Fazekas
    Fazekas withdraws from school just weeks before graduation. Good luck in the NBDL, I hope they have a team near Reno, Nevada so you can finish your degree while playing in the NBDL.

    NCAA Rules Changes Suggestion
  • Use a block/charge circle similar to the day! The game is becoming uglier partially because coaches have discovered that it's easier for an average basketball player to take a charge than to become a great offensive player. So you have all the stiffs and mediocre players hunting charges and ruining the offensive flow of the game! Remember, "they put scoreboards to score" as Pete Gillan said!

    Dick Vitale's Who's Praising Me Now?
    Hey I'm awesome baby! They built a statue of me! I'm awesome and unbelievable baby!

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