Thursday, April 12, 2007

Thursday Health Repor(t)

  • Outside the Lines has a centerpiece special on staph infections including MRSA, and how they are affecting professional athletes. Some of the people affected by this include former West Virginia favorite Mike Gansey of the John Beilein era. OTL page

    Coaching Carousel
  • Did you miss the Billy Gillispie interview on Mike and Mike? You can listen to it at It's about 10 minutes long.
  • In a rather strange twist of the coaching carousel, Bobby Lutz (yes, the one with the Ad*lf H. moustache), is the favorite for the South Alabama job (espn story). Apparently he isn't comfortable with the move to the A-10 and he wants to go south. The other candidate is former ASU coach Rob Evans... So if he is gone, who takes over Charlotte? How about VCU's Anthony Grant? He is nearby :-)
  • Despite all the rumors of a fallout between Ernie Kent and the Nike Ducks, he has signed an extension through 2011-12 (espn story), with a $200K raise, at $1m per year ($1.3m with incentives). Interestingly there is no buyout if he wants to bolt, but Oregon will have to pay him $1m if they fire him.

    NBA Draft
  • Hasheem Shot-Blocking Thabeet is trying to decide what to do. Jim Calhoun says that financial hardship reasons are the determining factor (espn story), but Thabeet really wants to return to college.

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