Thursday, April 26, 2007

Throwdown Thursday

Latest headlines and FoxSports headlines

  • Dominic James likely to enter but no formal decision yet
  • Javaris Crittenton to enter the NBA draft, but no agent for now.
  • One more report that Collison won't enter the draft. And given how his injuries affected his performance why was it even a consideration for Luc Richar(d) to enter the draft?
  • Brandon Rush meets with himself? Oh, with Bill Self! Self said that "Shady" (D. Arthur) told him himself that he is coming back.
  • The 2007 NBA Draft early entry deadline is Sunday. Expect that by late Monday the situation will clear as to which players have actually, officially and formally declared. Check the post below for all-you-can-eat NBA draft coverage as it pertains to the college basketball game.
  • As reported before, Rodney Stuckey of Eastern Washington is entering the draft but won't sign with an agent. He has two years of NCAA eligibility remaining.
  • On the coaching carousel, a Pitt assistant won't have to travel far to take over the Robert Morris job, while Rick Majerus is planning how to pull a USC on Saint Louis. Personally and selfishly I don't want Majerus to take the job, so he can stay on ESPN and analyze games (quite possibly the only one among the ESPN all-star analysts who actually analyzes games)... St Louis is building a new $80 million arena that may attract other top candidates (Lon Kruger?)

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