Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Tuesday rewind

  • Pat Forde instant update: One of the Delk twins (Reginald) will transfer to Louisville. As you may recall his cousin Tony Delk played for Rick Pitino a few centuries ago... Meanwhile no one seems to believe Darren Collison when he keeps saying he is coming back to college. The LA Times are reporting that he is coming back. And I can't blame them for not believing it: Why would the fastest player in the country want to continue playing on a wrestling team? (Sorry UCLA fans, but the truth hurts).

  • From ESPN News: Georgia Tech's Thaddeus Young will declare for the NBA Draft but not sign with an agent. (Another Chris Bosh?)... And a quick NBA note: Sam Mitchell of the Toronto Raptors has been named Dinosaur of the Year (oooops Coach of the Year!).

    Latest from ESPN.com
  • Calhoun expects Hasheem shot-blocking Thabeet to return next year
  • Talented PG Bobby Maze parts ways with Dookie Jeff Capel and Oklahoma
  • A Colorado State player shoots at a teammate, sadly not a basketball shot, but a shot with a revolver.
  • Two more will enter the NBA draft but won't hire an agent: Utah State's scoring Jaycee Carroll and 17-0 Clemson's James Mays.

    SciFi Segment
  • New Babylon 5? Yes, new Babylon 5! A new direct-to-DVD movie called "Babylon 5: Lost Tales" will be released on July 31st. Cover-art at TVshowOnDVD.com. More details here
  • It will be anthology-style,interleaving two separate stories. In just 24 hours the pre-orders have managed to jump to #64 in Amazon's Best Selling DVDs list. Pre-order price is $17, but Amazon guarantees the lower price between now and the release date, as well as 30-days after release.

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