Saturday, April 28, 2007

Majerus please pull a USC and return to TV!

  • Sad news as Rick Majerus will no longer share his basketball knowledge with the millions of TV viewers, but will instead take over the Saint Louis basketball program. CHN story. He will be introduced officially at 10am (Saint Louis time) on Monday. Probably ESPN News will cover the press conference. Listen to me Majerus, remember why you ejected from the USC job? The same reasons apply here! Eject! Eject! Return to TV please!!!!!! Kidding aside, this is a huge huge huge get for Saint Louis as they get the best basketball coach pound for pound :-) Okay, weight puns aside, they have a chance to become a power team with Majerus, a big city, and a new shiny arena on the horizon. If Majerus was able to do what he did at Utah, where he was limited in recruiting (Sorry Utah fans, but Utah is not a particularly attractive destination for most recruits), imagine what he can do in a bigger market in the middle of the country!

  • TV update!. Don't miss the national debut of the 2007 Official NCAA Final Four highlights on CSTV featuring Florida, Ohio State, UCLA and Georgetown. This is a promo of the upcoming DVD that will be released soon. CSTV listings can be a bit flaky, so double-check to be sure. The program's name is "NCAA Final Four Highlights". Air times scheduled so far:
    * Sunday April 29, 4pm PT/7pm ET, 2am PT/5am ET (early Monday morning)
    * Wednesday May 2, 3pm PT/6pm ET.

  • A fellow blogger, Kevin Hayward at All on the Field has written about the NCAA, recruiting, and text messaging.
  • Dick Vitale thinks all the players at Kentucky are named Jamal (by TheSportsGuys).

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