Friday, April 27, 2007

All you can eat Fridays!

  • Bruce Weber gets lucky and gets Michael Jordan's son! An update on the TV stations planning to carry the King James Shooting Stars classic (live and tape-delayed). And more news on commitments and such. All that and more at Recruiting Wars

  • Goodbye Text Messaging, Hello Carrier Pigeons! The NCAA passed a ban of text messaging starting in August. The issue will be revisited in 2008. This was a great move as it is a pro-student-athlete move. Obviously the coaches are going to whine and bitch, but they are (obviously) biased in this issue.

  • The Majerus Watch: reports that the latest on St Louis flirting with Rick Majerus... The salary ballpark is $1 million. St Louis is determined to become a regular Top 50 program.. Fran Frachilla's name was also mentioned in one article. I guess St Louis is going the ESPN route. How about Steve Lavin? Digger Phelps?
  • Incidentally, rumors that a special all-you-can-eat card for every restaurant in the greater Saint Louis area is included as a bonus in the Majerus contract are completely made-up (by me).

  • discusses a report out of Minnessota that Tubby Smith is not going to add any new players to the 2007-2008 TimberGophers roster. I'm not a TimberGophers fan, but I say "Ouch!". But that's good news for Penn State and Northwestern as both of them may finish in the Top 10 of the Big 11.
  • A contract is not really a contract. Beilein agrees to a $1.5 million buyout of his $2.5 million buyout. I wish my "bill senders" agreed to such buyout terms of my payments due :-) I'll be more than happy to take a 40% discount! Wouldn't you? Story at FoxSports
  • Here comes the Triangle! SoCal will have one more team playing the triangle offense, assuming former Kansas State head coach Jim Woolridge decides to implement it at his new job, UC-Riverside. Jeff Goodman story at FoxSports. According to the story the other two finalists for the job were two ex's: Brad Holland (Sun Diego) and Jan Van Scandal-Kolff (Bonnies)

    NBA Draft 2007.
  • A big shocker to no one was Sean Williams (formerly of Boston Collage) declaring for the NBA draft and possibly a first rounder. According to the FoxSports story he failed "multiple drug tests". Apparently we have solved all the problems in the world, so we have to punish people because of what "herbs" they use (assuming the failed tests were "herbs", not anything more severe)... He has (obviously) hired an agent... As you may recall Sean Williams was a late bloomer during his recruiting process, and a number of high profile schools scrambled to get him (including Arizona) but BC got first dibs.
  • Gabe Pruitt is also entering the NBA draft, but not hiring an agent.
  • reports that Dominic James will enter the NBA draft, but not sign with an agent.
  • Ooops! I almost forgot, Brandon Rush has declared for the NBA draft, but won't get an agent just yet. story
  • More draft links and rumors at

    Reading is Fundamental Segment. The official 2007 NCAA Men's Final Four Records Book (Ncaa Final Four Tournament Records) (Paperback) is shipping from Amazon for $10.85. 249 pages of stats for you stat-fans (and you know who you are!)... And if that's not enough, there is a companion book, Official 2007 NCAA Men's Basketball Records Book (Ncaa Mens Basketball Records) (Paperback) for $11.96 and 409 pages.

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