Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Super Tuesday (except with no games)

  • Kevin Durant swept the post-season player of the year awards, and now he is ready to sweep the NBA draft. He will hire an agent. His news conference starts at 2pmPT/5pmET in Austin, Texas. During the press conference he says "I mean" in every single sentence. Gets annoying after the first 20 times :) Both Durant and Rick Barnes said that Durant will finish his schoolwork before leaving, so Texas won't be penalized under the new APR system. He will also come up with a plan to work towards his degree in the future. ESPN story. ESPN News reports that he will sign a shoe deal in the magnitude of $20 million. Who needs the NBA salary? :-)
  • ESPN News reports that the Charlotte News and Observer reports that Wayne Ellington reports that he will return next year (where was he supposed to go? NBDL?).
  • After successfully failing to return Michigan to the NCAA tourney, Tommy Amaker will try to become the Coach K of the Ivy League as he is expected to take over Harvard.

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