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Every 2007 NCAA Tournament game on DVD!

The NCAA Tournament people have discovered DVDs! Every single 2007 NCAA Tournament game is available for pre-order on DVD on Amazon! They are currently available for pre-order, but no release date is given yet. The pre-order prices range from $22 to $25, but Amazon has a pre-order price guarantee as well as a 30-day price guarantee after the item ships (for items purchased from Amazon, not 3rd party sellers).

  • List of 2007 tournament DVDs (65 total). One game per DVD.

    Detailed list of 2007 NCAA men's basketball games (2006-2007 season)
  • As a reminder of the 2007 NCAA brackets, here they are, at NCAA Sports and at (JPEG file)

    Final Four - Atlanta
  • Florida Gators - Back 2 Back National Champions 2006 - 2007. This is the Florida fans version, with a season recap, it is not the official Final Four dvd. This one is either 60 or 90 minutes long. It is produced by Hart Sharp Video, while all the other DVDs mentioned in here are produced by NCAA On-Demand (
  • The Official 2007 NCAA Championship Final Four DVD is not listed at Amazon as of this time. It is listed elsewhere and about 240 minutes long. The 2006 edition had all three Final Four games on it, at full length.

    Florida won this Regional - Midwest Regional in Saint Louis
  • Elite 8: Florida vs Oregon
  • Sweet 16: Butler vs Florida
  • Sweet 16: Oregon vs UNLV
  • 2nd round: Purdue vs Florida
  • 2nd round: Butler vs Maryland
  • 2nd round: Winthrop vs Oregon
  • 2nd round: UNLV vs Wisconsin
  • 1st round: Jackson State vs Florida
  • 1st round: Arizona vs Purdue
  • 1st round: Old Dominion vs Butler
  • 1st round: Maryland vs Davidson
  • 1st round: Winthrop vs Notre Dame Digger Phelps's favorite cinderella faces his favorite team!
  • 1st round: Miami of Ohio vs Oregon
  • 1st round: Georgia Tech vs UNLV. Two super-froshs face Kruger ball
  • 1st round: Texas A&M Corpus Cristi vs Wisconsin

    Georgetown won this Regional - East Regional, E. Rutherford, New Jersey
  • Elite 8: North Carolina vs Georgetown
  • Sweet 16: USC vs North Carolina
  • Sweet 16:Georgetown vs Vandy
  • 2nd round: Michigan State vs North Carolina
  • 2nd round: USC vs Texas (Kevin Durant's last game in college!)
  • 2nd round: Vandy vs Washington State
  • 2nd round: Boston College vs Georgetown
  • 1st round: Eastern Kentucky vs North Carolina
  • 1st round: Marquette vs Michican State (the Jud Heathcote tree battle)
  • 1st round: Arkansas vs USC (Stan Heath's swan song)
  • 1st round: New Mexico State vs Texas (Kevin Durant!)
  • 1st round: Vandy vs George Washington
  • 1st round: Oral Roberts vs Washington State
  • 1st round: Texas Tech vs Boston College
  • 1st round: Belmont vs Georgetown

    Ohio State won this Regional - South regional, in San Antonio
  • Elite 8: Memphis vs Ohio State
  • Sweet 16: Texas A&M vs Memphis(good game!)
  • Sweet 16: Ohio State vs Xavier
  • 2nd round: Ohio State vs Tennessee
  • 2nd round: Nevada vs Memphis
  • 2nd round: Texas A&M vs Louisville. (future Kentucky coach faces former Kentucky coach)
  • 2nd round: Virginia vs Tennessee
  • 1st round: Central Connecticut State vs Ohio State (Greg Oden!)
  • 1st round: BUY vs Xavier
  • 1st round: Penn vs Texas A&M
  • 1st round: Long Beach State vs Tennessee
  • 1st round: North Texas vs Memphis (The Calipari Experiment)
  • 1st round: Stanford vs Louisville Pitino returns to Rupp Arena
  • 1st round: Albany vs Virginia
  • 1st round: Creighton vs Nevada (a bracket buster spotlight game?)

    UCLA won this Regional West Regional, San Jose
  • Elite 8: Kansas vs UCLA
  • Sweet 16: Pitt vs UCLA Two close friends duke it out.
  • Sweet 16: Southern Illinois vs Kansas (almost a win for the Salukis)
  • 2nd round: Kansas vs Kentucky
  • 2nd round: Indiana vs UCLA (total slugfest, no surprise really - look at who is coaching!)
  • 2nd round: VCU vs Pitt
  • 2nd round: Virginia Tech vs Illinois
  • 1st round: UCLA vs Weber State
  • 1st round: VCU vs Duke. MUST BUY THIS ONE!
  • 1st round: Virginia Tech vs Southern Illinois (total slugfest)
  • 1st round: Wright State vs Pitt
  • 1st round: Holy Cross vs Southern Illinois
  • 1st round: Villanova vs Kentucky
  • 1st round: Gonzaga vs Indiana
  • 1st round: Niagara vs Kansas

    NCAA Division II Tournament DVDs
  • Final: The very dramatic final of Barton vs Winona State
  • Semifinal: Barton vs Cal State San Bernandino
  • Either national semifinal or Elite 8 game between Barton and Grand Valley State. Contact Amazon before purchasing this one!

    Here are some examples of how the DVDs look, starting with my favorite game of the tourney pictured first! (This post would take forever to load and read if I put all 63 dvds in this format)

    These two below are books, not DVDs.
  • Official 2007 NCAA Men's Final Four Records Book (Ncaa Final Four Tournament Records) (Paperback), $11.
  • Official Program of the 2007 Final Four, by Host Communications, currently at $10.00

    But wait, there's more! The 2007 NCAA Women's tourney games on DVD are also available! 2007 NCAA Women DVDs (list of 60 DVDs total). Same price range and setup.

    Also, if you are looking for classic college basketball games from the past on DVD, check this post

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