Wednesday, August 15, 2007

FAMU releases men's cage mentor Mike Gillepsie Tuesday

  • Strange press release title: FAMU RELEASES MEN'S CAGE MENTOR MIKE GILLESPIE TUESDAY. What's a Cage Mentor??? (surely not someone who stalks his former girlfriend and makes her feel like she is in a ...cage, while at the same time mentoring college students in basketball?).
  • New commitments for Washington, Maryland, Houston, Arkansas, NM State and more. Links at Recruiting Wars. Also the final six for Lance Stephenson according to Dick Hoops Weiss!
  • Is the 2007-2008 Kentucky roster balanced? asks A Sea of Blue.
  • The preview parade continues at CHN with two State schools, with Florida State (will Leonard Hamilton have his break out season this time around?) and Fresno State (with the BYU coach), and Austin Pee Peay.
  • The CAA Hoops blog is discussing "points of emphasis" for officials for the 2007-2008 season. Story at CAAZone. If you are hungry and speed-reading (which I am!) you may read that as Calzone ;)
  • Yes, we are just two months away from Midnight Madness!
  • Loads of news from around the country at CSTV's News Archive. Included: Washington's schedule, groundbreaking at UTEP, Luke Zeller diary, TCU's international adventure, BYU in France (good luck convincing them to give up wine!), 100th season at South Carolina, Auburn's Cancun (Spring Break in August?) Trip, and dozens more!
  • Purdue is profiled today at the Rivals top 64 countdown. Matt Painter managed to put down a solid recruiting class, and added a JuCo forward just a couple of days ago.
  • 2007 NCAA College Basketball Tournament games on DVD!
  • Speaking of DVDs, here are some of new releases (pictures are links to

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