Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Florida A&M fires stalker/coach, Ronnie Thomspon talks to Wilborn, Rick Majerus previewed at Rivals

  • Goodman's latest blog looks at Stan Heath at South Florida
  • Recruiting updates at Recruiting Wars
  • The 144 previews at CHN continue with Austin Peay, UNC-Greensboro, Seton Hall and Missouri
  • DeCourcy opines on Team USA and the situation with Ronnie Thompson at Ball State. More on this from Michael Wilborn of PTI, also at Washington Post. Wilborn goes into detail on the allegetations from both sides. As you may recall, the previous coach at Ball state was Tim Buckley, famous for Ball State's wins over "designer schools" at the Maui Invitational a few years ago.
  • Another coach fired! Florida A&M fires head coach Mike Gillispie, despite taking the team to the NCAA tourney last year. Why was he fired then? Because of an off-the-court situation - he was stalking a former girlfriend (who was obviously not his current wife). His lawyer complains of mishandling of the situation by Florida A&M.
  • CBS Sportsline looks at Mark Fox and his non-leaving
  • Jerry Meyer of Rivals opens his mailbag and answers questions about Brandon Jennings, UCLA, Ralph Sampson III, Tyreke Evans (down to two schools allegedly), and Abdul Gaddy.
  • Meanwhile Rivals (and Yahoo Sports) have started a top 64 teams countdown, previewing the upcoming season!. This has been added to our Gigantic 2007-2008 season preview links
  • The most exciting of their previews so far is of course Saint Louis now with Rick Majerus!.
  • 2007 NCAA College Basketball Tournament games on DVD!
  • Best new music first! New music releases today, pictures are links to detailed info at Amazon:

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