Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Today's OTL centerpiece: Nolan Richardson

If you watched last night's FIBA Americas game on ESPN2, Nolan Richardson managed to give Coach K's squad a bigger headache than anticipated. Outside the Lines has a centerpiece feature on him, with Andy Katz. Visit the OTL Page for more details and a preview. OTL airs at 3pm eastern / noon pacific on ESPN!

If you want to know what they'll be featuring each day, you can subscribe to the OTL email list. From today's email, here is a description of this promising-to-be-interesting piece:

Centerpiece: LEADER IN EXILE
As the U.S. steamrolls its opponents in the FIBA Americas Championships, Mexico has performed best in defeat, scoring 100 points and staying close for a half last night. A familiar figure, Nolan Richardson, is back on the sidelines as the pro bono coach of the Mexican national team. Richardson, who led Arkansas to three Final Four appearances and a 1994 national championship, lost his job after the 2002 season. His fiery and outspoken style, once among his biggest selling points, became viewed more as liability than asset. Having grown up in the only black family among the Mexican-American homes in El Paso, Texas, Richardson cherishes the memories and Mexican culture. Now, as Andy Katz reports, Richardson's influence on his new team is evident in its attitude and work ethic.

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