Monday, August 13, 2007

Today on OTL: State of USA Basketball

Today's Outside the Lines on ESPN, at 3pm eastern / noon pacific will be looking at the State of USA Basketball. Direct link to the OTL website. Also a Video preview (broadband) of this feature. Their poll of the day is also on this topic: "Why have USA Basketball Teams recently failed in international competition?"

Here is how the OTL daily email describes the centerpiece feature on (Men's) USA Basketball:
"Once upon a time, the USA basketball team dominated the world. No other team stood a chance against the overwhelming command the Americans had on the basketball court. Times have changed though, and the rest of the world has caught up. A far cry from the original 1992 "Dream Team," the last 2 USA Olympic basketball teams have finished no better than 3rd place. Now, in an effort to regain their status in the world, the USA is assembling its team years in advance, hoping to gel and compete. Outside the Lines looks at the state of USA Basketball, and it's hope to rebound from recent disappointments.".

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