Thursday, August 09, 2007

NCAA and Text messaging today on Outside the Lines (OTL)

Don't miss today's OTL. The centerpiece feature is on the NCAA and Text messaging. It airs at 3pm ET / noon pacific on ESPN. Two coaches will be featured: Jim Larranaga of George Mason and Jim Boeheim of Syracuse. Outside the Lines webpage

This is how the ESPN OTL email update describes it:
"Today, the NCAA's board of directors are scheduled to hear an appeal by at least 30 schools who want to overturn the ban of text messages between college coaches and recruits. Text Messaging became a popular recruiting tool in which college coaches could constantly communicate with high school prospects. This tool wasn't effectively regulated by the NCAA, until earlier this year when text messaging was banned by the NCAA. In s story that aired last year, ESPN contacted several highly-recruited high school athletes who received text messages, along with their coaches and parents. They described an atmosphere where college coaches frequently text messaged recruits during their freshman and sophomore years, a clear violation of NCAA rules. College coaches are also using text messages as a way to circumvent the rules. While college coaches are extremely limited in the number of times they can phone high school recruits, high school recruits can phone college coaches as often as they like, so many of the coaches' text messages end with, "Call me." George Mason basketball coach Jim Larranaga admits, "Every time a rule is made some bright young assistant finds a way around it." Outside the Lines examines the controversy surrounding text messaging, followed by a live discussion with Syracuse head basketball coach, Jim Boeheim."

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