Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Big Brother, Shooters, AASAA, Festus (not from Gunsmoke) and more

  • Featured Story on the AASAA offense: DeCourcy talks how the offense is a recruiting tool for Vance Walberg at Pepperdine. It's not just the waves and the beautiful campus and SoCal anymore. It's all about the AASAA! As we mentioned before, Pepperdine still does not have the right personnel to run this offense as it was designed (expect that to change in 2008-2009). For now, Walberg's biggest recruiting tool is the success of Calipari's AASAA offense. DeCourcy has the history of how Walberg and Calipari met, and how Calipari absorbed the AASAA offense. And if you want a first-hand account of the AASAA offense, call your travel agent and book the weekend clinic on it offered by those two, at the Grand Casino Resort in Tunica, Miss.

  • New commitments today for Missouri (again), Vanderbilt, Rhode Island and more.
  • Historic analysis of two point and three point shooting percentages in the NCAA at A Sea f Blue (must read!). The three point line will be moving back in the 2008-2009 season, so it will be interesting to see how it plays out: more bad three point shots, or coaches reigning in on bad shooters and only letting the good shotters shoot 3s?
  • 2007 NCAA College Basketball Tournament games on DVD!
  • Big Brother (Myles Brand) talks about university presidents, athletics and academics. Translation: We are academic institutions but don't touch our profits from athletics!
  • Goodman reports on Vandy and Auburn's trip to Cancun
  • Rivals Top 64 previews continue today with the Duke Slayers (aka Virginia Commonwealth University Rams). Go VCU go! You are my new favorite CAA team :)
  • More at CHN's Top 144 2007-2008 season previews as well with Winthrop, Central Michigan and Siena
  • Goodman reports on Vandy and Auburn's trip to Cancun
  • Duquesne is practicing ahead of time, in preparation for their labor day weekend tour in Canadia

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