Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Rewriting History: Falling apart is not easy

  • Part IV of their series on today's Kentucky basketball has been posted at A Sea of Blue!. Today's edition looks at the incoming freshman class which includes highly sought after Patrick Patterson and flying under the radar AJ Stewart.
  • Dick Hoops Weiss talks about Skip Prosser's funeral and has an additional name to mention as a possible replacement: Long time and highly respected Davidson coach Bob McKillop.
  • George Mason updates today at the CAA Hoops blog
  • Troubles: New York AG Cuomo is investigating athletic departments over loan deals and kickbacks. Great, so the schools not only make millions based on the athletic performance of the student athletes, but they get kickbacks from student loans. Great! Also troubles at New Mexico State where forward Tyrone Nelson pleaded no contest to charges of robbing a pizza delivery man and got dismissed from the team, the team he helped get an NCAA bid in 2006-2007.
  • In the previous story Gary Parrish mentions he went to see the White Stripes. Just a couple of days ago Jeff Goodman mentioned he went to see the Police. So is this a new trend for basketball writers to talk about the concerts they attend?
  • On a totally unrelated note, the Rolling Stones just finished playing a 4-hour set in my living room. Mick Jagger is reading this as I am typing it ;-) He says "Hi!"
  • Speaking of Goodman, he talks about 7-footer former Monson/Gophers commit James Davis going pro and leaving Lamar, Skip's funeral, and updates on East Carolina.
  • John Clay's Sidelines Report discusses DeCourcy's provocative column on a possible expansion of the Big 10
  • Today's column from DeCourcy is not as provocative. He talks about the Kevin Garnett trade and how college influences and matures future NBA players (the intangibles).
  • Recruiting updates at Recruiting Wars

    Rewriting History: Falling apart is not easy In this brand new segment we will be randomly revisiting events from the past. Today's episode: The last three NCAA tournaments have given us some of the most dramatic and epic meltdowns for the ages. Fresh in our memories is North Carolina unraveling against Georgetown. A year ago, the Ammo & Batista show ended in tears as Psycho-Howland's defense short-circuited Gonzaga the last few minutes of the game. And the year before, with the Final Four ticket in their back pocket, the Arizona Wildcats barfed up the game and got Bruce Webber and the Fighting Illini a miraculous comeback "home" win, and a season for the history books. But it takes two to have such a game. Sure, the team that has the epic meltdown deserves part of the "credit", but credit is also due to the other team that manages to stay in the game, not give up, not lose faith, show mental fortitude, and keep fighting to the last second. Both things need to happen, both sides need to "perform" for such an epic meltdown/comeback to occur. That's why these type of games are so rare - every year around 5,000 college basketball Division 1 games are played, but very few have such dramatic finishes. And the bigger stage and brighter lights of the NCAA tournament act make these even more dramatic!
  • 2007 NCAA College Basketball Tournament games on DVD!

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