Saturday, August 25, 2007

Great new resource: The Vance Walberg Nation

A brand new website has been created as a great basketball resource for coaches and fans of the Vance Walberg AASAA offense. The AASAA offense has created a big stir in college basketball ever since John Calipari of Memphis decided to absorb it. Here is the Vance Walberg Nation. The website has information on upcoming clinics where Coach Vance Walberg of Pepperdine will be discussing his offense. Other great resources on the website: Calipari showing AASAA plays (video), a directory of basketball coaches running the AASAA or a similar offense is being created, and more coming up every day.

Speaking of AASAA, one of these days I am going to try to go through a couple of Memphis games and see what I can reverse engineer - but I'm not trained in this so please don't expect much :)

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