Saturday, August 11, 2007

Tape-delayed Weekend Update

  • Recruting updates at Recruiting Wars, including new players for Steve Alford and Matt Painter.
  • From the Goodman blog: Updates from Tom Crean at Marquette, Tommy Amaker at Michigan Harvard, and Jim Rome's alma mater UC Santa Barbara! Also an update on Team USA (aka Northern Iowa experimenting with the triangle offense), and an injury update on a former Steve Alford player... But wait there's more from Goodman: Karl Malone helps Kerry Rupp and Louisiana Tech, Arizona having a 10-year reunion of their NCAA championship, and more.
  • The Goodman blog story above is yet another confirmation that we may have two teams in the Big East next year playing with four guard line-ups. The other one of course being Villanova (no, Lowry, Ray, Foye and Nardi are not coming back).
  • More previews at CHN featuring the LeBron Zips (Akron), New Mexico now with Steve Alford, UMass now with Travis Ford, Minnesota TimberGophers now with Tubby Smith, Cincinatti now with not-Huggins, and Arizona State with Herb Sendek and former Dookie Eric Boetang.
  • You know we are getting closer to the NCAA men's college basketball season when NFL preseason games start to crawl out of the TV set! The countdown to Midnight Madness clock at A Sea of Blue says 63 days and change!
  • McDonalds All-Bench Warmer at UCLA Adam Keefe will have shoulder surgery according to CBS Sportsline.
  • Speaking of UCLA, former assistant Kerry Keating is featured in a story at CBS Sportsline by Parrish on NCAA and texting. As you may recall this topic was recently featured on ESPN's Outside the Lines (check my post from a few days ago for more details)
  • Mike DeCourcy shines the spotlight on Rider big man Jason Thompson. Player to watch for 2007-2008!
  • The non-profit entity known as the NCAA *cough* *cough* *cough* *cough* *cough* is going to move the Final Fours to even bigger domes, now a minimum of 70,000 capacity according to DeCourcy. This partly because they want to create student end-zone seating at significantly reduced prices. Read DeCourcy's story for more details.
  • Want more from DeCourcy? Bookmark his webspage at TSN! (TSN = The Sporting News)
  • Good news for Kansas State fans (but not really), Billy Walker has received a medical redshirt for last season, so he has four more years of eligibility according to Parrish of CBS. As if he was gonna stay for three years, let alone four :)
  • CAA updates including a top 10 list at the CAA Hoops blog
  • Speaking of the CAA, thanks to the CAAZone for the link to this blog!
  • Good news in college sports has new inspirational and feel-good stories from the world of sports, including fund raising by D2 coaches, a sophomore field hockey goalie making a difference, and a lot more.
  • More advise, thoughts and tidbits at the Player Development blog
  • The Sports Flow blog is taking a stab at Big Ten expansion, with a list of five potential candidates.
  • 2007 NCAA College Basketball Tournament games on DVD!

  • Our musical "guest" this weekend is Dave Matthews and Timmy Reynolds performing Live at Radio City Music Hall! The 2-disc CD and 2-disc DVD sets will be released on Tuesday August 14, 2007. Prices: only $12 for the 2-CD set (26 songs), and $20 for the DVDs (150 minutes long)

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