Monday, August 20, 2007

Monday Night Hoops (without Madden)

  • 2007 NCAA College Basketball Tournament games on DVD!
  • Check our weekly tv schedule in the post below. Don't forget the FIBA Americas Championship with Coach K and Jim Boeheim coaching Team USA.
  • The Goodman blog reads like a trouble report: Calhoun is leaving the Big East (but not the one you may be thinking - how's that for a teaser?). Meanwhile a Georgia Tech forward is AI (not artificial intelligence), and Richard Jefferson writes a $3.5 million check to help Arizona built a new practice facility
  • On a totally unrelated note, Richard Jefferson I am your biggest fan, please send me $350,000 so I can build a new blogging practice facility :-)
  • History revisited at A Sea of Blue as they revisit the 1992 Duke vs Kentucky game
  • Gonzo brings Shaheen Halloway back (as an assistant, he can't play!) says Dick Hoops Weiss
  • A Sea of Blue previews the 2007-2008 SEC west with LSU, and Tennessee of Bruce Pearl fame.
  • The man who shot and killed USC's Ryan Francis faces automatic life sentence according to CBS Sportsline
  • CHN's 144 previews of 2007-08 continue with Winthrop, Central Michigan, Siena, Fordham and Florida State.
  • MMAS gives us Volume 2 of their Summer Thoughts covering the ACC, Pac-10, ACC and Big 12. They also have a poll on who you think should be the preseason #1 team in the nation. Vote early and often - it is not illegal to do so on web polls :) Currently leading the way is Memphis with UCLA's slugfest a close 2nd, and Michigan Izzo State at #3.
  • More CAA updates at the CAA Hoops blog
  • Possible new feature: time permitting I will try to break down the AASAA offense by looking at "tape" from Memphis games in 2006-2007. No promises though. After all I am not "formally trained" in this sort of thing :)

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