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2007-2008 College Hoops TV Guide March 2008

Welcome to our March 2008 college hoops TV listings! We also have the:
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* All times mentioned here are Pacific Time

Saturday March 1, 2008

  • 730am, repeat: ucla at arizona state, fcs
  • 9am, Duke at NC State, CBS Sports. Go Pack! Go Pack!
  • 9am, Pitt at Syracuse, ESPN
  • 9am, Wright State at Valpo, ESPN2
  • 9am, 730pm, 5am, Mount Olive at Barton, CSTV
  • 11am, Georgetown at Marquette, CBS Sports
  • 11am, Texas A&M at Oklahoma, ESPN
  • 11am, Wichita State at Drake, ESPN2
  • 1230pm, NC State at Boston College, ABC Sports
  • 1pm, Texas at Texas Tech, or Mississippi State @ Florida, CBS Sports
  • 1pm, Ohio State at Minnesota, ESPN
  • 1pm, Washington State at Stanford, FSN, FCS
  • 1pm, 930pm, Memphis at Southern Miss, CSTV
  • 3pm, Iowa State at Colorado, ESPN Classic
  • 3pm, 1am, Pac-10 game, FSN, FCS
  • 4pm, George Washington at Xavier, CSNET
  • 4pm, 3am, W. Ky at FAU, FCS
  • 5pm, CIAA Tourney Final, ESPN Classic
  • 5pm, 830pm, St Marys at Gonzaga, FSN, FCS (Wowie!)
  • 530pm, Idaho State at NAU, FCS
  • 6pm, 12am, KANSAS STATE at KANSAS, ESPN
  • 7pm, 1130pm, Santa Clara at Portland, CSNET
  • 830pm, Cal State Northridge at UC Irvine, FCS

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    Sunday March 2, 2008
  • 7am, 11am, repeat: memphis at southern miss, cstv
  • 9am, Kentucky at Tennesse, CBS Sports
  • 11am, Indiana at Michigan State, CBS Sports
  • 1pm, UCLA at Arizona, CBS Sports
  • 330pm, repeat: scu at portland, csnet
  • 430pm, Clemson at Maryland, FSN, FCS
  • 830pm, Oregon at Oregon State, FSN, FCS

    Monday March 3, 2008
  • 4pm, Pitt at West Virginia, ESPN
  • 6pm, Texas Tech at Kansas, ESPN
  • 7pm, St Mary's at Portland, CSNET
  • 830pm, Santa Clara at Gonzaga, ESPN2
  • 12am, CLASSIC: 1989 Duke vs Michigan, ESPN Classic

    Tuesday March 4, 2008
  • 10am, CLASSIC: 1998 Illinois at Michigan State, ESPN Classic
  • 12pm, CLASSIC: 1993 Florida State vs North Carolina, ESPN Classic
  • 12pm, repeat: Georgetown at Marquette, CSTV (repeat of CBS game) - 2008 instant classic!
  • 2pm, repeat: Villanova at Louisville, CSTV (repeat of CBS game)
  • 4pm, Purdue at Ohio State, ESPN (bubble win for the Buckeyes?)
  • 4pm, Miami Ohio at Kent State, ESPN2
  • 5pm, Florida State at North Carolina, ESPN Full Court (what???)
  • 6pm, Arkansas at Ole Miss, ESPN
  • 6pm, 10pm, 3am, UNLV at New Mexico, CSTV
  • 12am, CLASSIC: 1990 LMU at LaSalle, ESPN Classic

    Wedn March 5, 2008
  • 10am, CLASSIC: 2001 Duke at Virginia, ESPN Classic [DUKE LOSS!]
  • 3pm, repeat: Baylor at Texas A&M, ESPN Classic. Seven thousand overtimes!
  • 4pm, Duke at Virginia, ESPN
  • 4pm, Syracuse at Seton Hall, ESPN2. Battle for NIT seeding ;-)
  • 6pm, Texas A&M at Baylor, ESPN2

    Thur March 6, 2008
  • 4pm, UConn at Providence, ESPN
  • 4pm, Clemson at Georgia Tech, ESPN2
  • 6pm, Xavier at St Joe, ESPN
  • 6pm, Michigan State at Illinois, ESPN2
  • 6pm, Arizona at Oregon State, FSN, FCS

    Fri March 7, 2008
  • 10am, CLASSIC: 1996 duke vs NORTH CAROLINA, ESPN Classic
  • 12pm, CLASSiC: 2002 duke at NORTH CAROLINA, ESPN Classic
  • 2pm, CLASSIC: 1995 NORTH CAROLINA at duke, ESPN Classic

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    Sat March 8, 2008
  • 8am, Gameday, ESPN
  • 830am, Big South Final: UNC Asheville vs Winthrop, ESPN2
  • 9am, Louisville at Georgetown, CBS
  • 10am, 630pm, 1130pm, 430am, UAB at Memphis, CSTV
  • 11am, Stanford at USC, CBS
  • 1230pm, ABC games: California at UCLA or Missoura at Oklahoma, or Ga Tech at BC, ABC
  • 1pm, Kansas at Texas A&M, CBS
  • 1pm, Marquette at Syracuase, ESPN
  • 1pm, Utah at UNLV, Versus
  • 1pm, Temple at LaSalle, CSNET
  • 2pm, Ohio Valley Conference tournament final, ESPN2
  • 230pm, Arizona State at Oregon State, FSN, FCS
  • 3pm, Auburn at Alabama, ESPN Classic (in-state rivarly, deciding CBI bid?)
  • 4pm, Atlantic Sun conference tournament final, ESPN2
  • 430pm, Washington at Washington State, FSN, FCS
  • 5pm, Gameday, ESPN
  • 6pm, 12am, NORTH CAROLINA at duke, ESPN
  • 7pm, Nevada at Fresno State, CSNET
  • 730pm, Arizona at Oregon, FSN, FCS, bubble must win for both!
  • 9pm, Midnight Madness, ESPN

    Sun March 8, 2008
  • 9am, Florida at Kentucky, CBS
  • 9am, America East semifinal, FCS, FSN
  • 11am, MVC Tourney final, CBS, first one to 40 wins!
  • 11am, Indiana at Penn State, ESPN
  • 1130am, America East semifinal, FCS, FSN
  • 1pm, Purdue at Michigan, CBS
  • 1pm, Oklahoma State at Texas, ESPN
  • 1pm, NEC tourney semifinal, FCS, FSN
  • 4pm, 7am, repeat: nevada at fresno state, csnet
  • 430pm, 5am, Maryland at Virginia, Potomac bubble!, FSN, FCS
  • 630pm, West Coast Conference semifinal: Gonzaga vs somebody, ESPN2
  • 830pm, West Coast Conference semifinal: St Marys vs somebody, ESPN2
  • 830pm, NEC semifinal, FCS
  • 11pm, Sunshine state final, FCS, FSN

    Monday March 10
  • 8am, repeat: nevada at fresno state, csnet
  • 10am, NEC semifinal, FCS
  • 11am, CLASSIC: 2002 Big East Conf Tourney quarterfinal: UConn vs Nova, ESPN Classic
  • 1pm, CLASSIC: 2001 WCC Final: GoneZaga vs St Mary's, ESPN Classic
  • 4pm, CAA tourney final, ESPN
  • 4pm, MAAC tourney final, ESPN2
  • 5pm, repeat: NEC semi, FCS
  • 5pm, repeat: florida at kentucky, cstv (not a typo, CSTV)
  • 6pm, West Coast Final, ESPN
  • 6pm, Southern conference final, ESPN2
  • 7pm, 10pm, and multiple repeats later on, REAL Sports with Bryant Gumbel: C. Vivian Stringer, and Bruce Pearl, HBO
  • 12am, CLASSIC: 1989 Oregon State at Cal, ESPN Classic

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    Tuesday March 11
  • 1pm, CLASSIC: 1996 Georgetown vs UConn, Big East final, ESPN Classic
  • 2pm, repeat: louisville at georgetown, cstv
  • 4pm, Summit final, ESPN
  • 530pm, Big Sky semifinal #1: NAU vs somebody, FSN, FCS
  • 6pm, Horizon final, ESPN
  • 6pm, Sunbelt final, ESPN2
  • 8pm, NEC semi, FCS
  • 12am, CLASSIC: 1998 Alaska final: Cincy vs Duke, ESPN Classic

    Wedn March 12 - things starting to GO CRAZY!
  • 9am, Big East Round #1, game 1, ESPN
  • 11am, Big East game 2, ESPN
  • 4pm, Big East game #3, ESPN
  • 4pm, Big Sky final, ESPN2
  • 6pm, Big East game #4, ESPN
  • 6pm, 430am, Pac 10 Round #1: Washington vs California, FSN, FCS
  • 830pm, 630am, Pac 10 Round #1: Arizona vs Oregon State, FSN, FCS

    Thur March 13
  • 9am, Big East Quarter #1, ESPN
  • 930am, Big 12 First round, ESPN2
  • 11am, Big East Quarter #2, ESPN
  • 1130am, Big 10 Round #1 game #2, ESPN2
  • 12pm, Pac 10 Quarter #1, FSN, FCS
  • 130pm, Big 10 Round #1 game #3, ESPN2
  • 230pm, Pac 10 Quarter #2, FSN, FCS
  • 4pm, Big East Quarter #3, ESPN
  • 4pm, ACC first round, ESPN2
  • 4pm, 1030pm, CUSA quarter #3, CSTV
  • 6pm, Big East Quarter #4, ESPN
  • 6pm, 1230am, 8am, Pac 10 Quarter #3, FSN, FCS
  • 6pm, 1230am, 3am, Mountain West Quarter #3, CSTV
  • 630pm, Big 12 first round, ESPN2
  • 830pm, 6am, Pac 10 Quarter #4, FSN, FCS
  • 830pm, 5am, Mountain West Quarter #4, CSTV

    Fri March 14
  • 9am, Big Ten Quarter #1, ESPN
  • 9am, ACC Quarter #1, ESPN2
  • 10am, CLASSIC: 1966 NCAA Championship: Kentucky vs. Texas Western, ESPN Classic
  • 11am, Big Ten Quarter #2, ESPN
  • 11am, ACC Quarter #2, ESPN2
  • 130pm, CUSA semi #1, CSTV
  • 145pm, Patriot final, ESPN2
  • 4pm, Big East Semi #1, ESPN
  • 4pm, ACC Quarter #3, ESPN2
  • 4pm, 3am, CUSA semi #2, CSTV
  • 6pm, Big East Semi #2, ESPN
  • 6pm, ACC Quarter #4, ESPN2
  • 6pm, 12am, Pac10 Semi #1, FSN, FCS
  • 630pm, Mountain West Semi #1, CSTV
  • 830pm, Pac10 Semi #2, FSN, FCS
  • 9pm, Mountain West Semi #2, CSTV

    Sat March 15
  • 830am, CUSA final, CBS
  • 9am, America East final, ESPN2
  • 1030am, ACC semi #1, ESPN
  • 1040am, Big Ten semi #1, CBS
  • 11am, Big 12 Semi #1, ESPN2
  • 1230pm, ACC semi #2, ESPN
  • 1250pm, Big Ten semi #1, CBS
  • 1pm, Big 12 Semi #2, ESPN2
  • 3pm, Pac-10 Final, CBS
  • 3pm, Atlantic 10 final, ESPN
  • 4pm, MAC final, ESPN2
  • 4pm, Mountain West final, Versus
  • 5pm, MEAC final, ESPN Classic
  • 6pm, 12am, Big East final, ESPN
  • 6pm, WAC final, ESPN2
  • 8pm, Big West final, ESPN2
  • 9pm, Midnight Madness, ESPN

    Sun March 16
  • 6am, Repeat: Game of the Week, perhaps Virginia Tech vs North Carolina?, ESPN Classic
  • 9am, Organizing the Madness, ESPN Classic: What goes behind the scenes during the selection process. Or something like that
  • 9am, Gameday, ESPN
  • 9am, Road to the Final Four, CBS
  • 10am, Not Sure what, CBS
  • 10am, ACC final, ESPN
  • 10am, MEAC final, ESPN2
  • 1230pm, Big 12 final, ESPN
  • 1230pm, Big 10 final, CBS
  • 130pm, Previewing the madness, CSTV
  • 2pm, Bracketology, ESPN
  • 3pm, Sportscenter coverage, ESPN
  • 4pm, Bracketology (2 hours), ESPN
  • 4pm, CSTV's version of Bracketology, CSTV
  • 6pm, Black Magic, Part #1, (2 hours), ESPN

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