Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Bill Self on Rome is Burning on Thursday

Kansas and Bill Self fans all over the world, be sure to check out Jim Rome is Burning tomorrow on ESPN as Bill Self will be the guest. The show is expected to air at 430pm eastern (130pm pacific) on ESPN. Check local listings for more details and possible repeats. With all the stuff happening right now in the world of sports, it might get pre-empted. From the NBA blockbuster trades, to the soccer with helmets spygate, to the Major League Steroid saga, and the Bob Knight resign-retire-athon.

Not sure if the coaches of Bucknell and Bradley will be invited with Bill Self ;-) Just kidding Kansas fans, didn't mean to rub it in! Or did I?


Anonymous said...

I was reading this page looking for news of Bill Self's appearance on Rome is Burning today(Feb 18, 2010). I noticed the most recent and somewhat snide comment posted. I then considered the date of Feb 2008... Bill got the last laugh on that one.

ncaahoops said...

Not really. Just because he won the championship in one year, it doesn't erase the FAILs of the previous years.

And the only reason he won the championship is because of the Carolina meltdown and the Memphis free-throw-meltdown :) If the Final Four was played ten more times, they would have won zero of them :)

Gilmore Family said...

Ignorance comes in so many forms. Coulda, shoulda, woulda...but didn't. Meltdowns? The FACT is, a senior "WONDER" got dominated by a freshman "NOBODY"! So not sure about the meltdown! And a Memphis free throw meltdown didn't score KU 9 points in 2:12 not sure about that theory either! In the end KU was the BETTER team in both situations!! Who has the title? YOu could make a case for every team in the NCAA if you relied on MELTDOWN THEORIES!

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