Friday, February 29, 2008

Wow Billy Packer did a game on CSTV!

This is quite interesting! The one and only Billy Packer, the premier CBS basketball analyst and caller of all the Final Four games of the last 43,000 years just did a game on CSTV! Not only that, but it was not an ACC game, not even a BCS game! It was a ... *gasp* Conference USA game!

But don't be too surprised, it was a Memphis Tigers home game. That's right, Billy Packer called the Tulsa at Memphis game on CSTV on Wednesday February 27, 2008.

And his play-by-play guy was someone young enough to be his grand-son, CSTV's Carter Blackburn.

Did they ran out of ACC games for Billy Packer to do and he had to get his mid-week hands dirty with non-ACC games? :-)

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