Saturday, February 02, 2008

Arizona State at UCLA

As I noticed when watching the ASU at Stanford game, Arizona State reverted back to the 2006-2007 during the second half, and had a hard time getting their mojo back. Their top 25 ranking was undeserved, as the polls are mechanically moving teams up and down depending on their record, but typically do not pay attention to who they played, where they played and how they played.

And how they played at Paulie Shore (ha!) Pavilion was horrible. UCLA grabbed the game by the reigns and never let go, giving Sendek more headaches, and left scrambling for different line-up combinations.

As long as UCLA is allowed to foul multiple times per possession, their defense is too disruptive for most teams and they are hard to beat. But if the game is called as it is supposed to, then UCLA is much more likely to lose - just like they did vs USC :)

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