Monday, February 25, 2008

Atlantic-10 versus the BCS schools!

There has been a lot of talk about the Atlantic-10 recently, so we thought we'd give some hard numbers, on how the A-10 fared against the BCS schools. Numbers and stats at Ken Pom RPI.

A-10 against the BCS World
XavierAway: Auburn
Neutral: Indiana (blowout)
Home: Kansas State (blowout), Virginia (blowout), Cincy
Home: Tennessee
Away: Arizona State (blowout)
DaytonAway: Louisville
Home: Pitt (blowout)
RhodeAway: South Florida
Home: Syracuse, Providence
Away: Boston College3-1
UMassAway: Syracuse, Boston CollegeAway: Vandy2-1
St Joe's Hawk TalkPalestra: Villanova (blowout)
Home: Patterno State
Away: Syracuse2-1
Charlotte MoustachesAway: Clemson
Home: Wake Forest
Home: Maryland
Neutral: Georgia Tech
RichmondHome: Virginia TechHome: South Florida1-1
DuquesneNoneHome: Pitt
Away: West Virginia
St Louis MajerusNone!Away: Pitt, Boston College0-2
FordhamNone!Away: Georgetown, Missouri, Syracuase0-3
La SalleNone!Neutral: Ole Miss, DePaul
Away: Florida State
Big 5: Villanova
G. WashingtonNone!Home: Auburn
Away: UCLA, Virginia Tech, Alabama (all three blowouts)
TempleNone!Home: Duke
Neutral: Providence
Big 5: Villanova
Away: Tennessee, Florida
St BonaventureNoneNone0-0

So now what do y'all think of the Atlantic-14? Oops, Atlantic-10 :)

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