Friday, February 08, 2008

John Brady fired at LSU - are we turning into the NBA?

This is crazy! Another coach gets fired mid-season because the results on the court are not pretty. Unless of course there's more to the story that we are not aware of. And it's not like he didn't deliver. He got them to the Final Four in 2006. So why did LSU fire John Brady?

A forum user at TigerU made the case to get him fired in January 2005 for continuing to under-perform. And that seems to be the reason he was fired according to FoxSports. Super-assistant Butch Pierre has taken over, and he may be the heir to the throne. The Fox Sports story mentions that Tim Floyd might be one interested entity, or if they want to go with a young rising star they may take a look at VCU's Dookie-slayer Anthony Grant.

How about Bob Knight? Are they desperate enough?

What are other blogs saying? Here is a sampling of the reactions, SEC Hoops TGTBTD, BamaHoops, Pelican State, Rocky Top Talk, Hog Blog, and many more.

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