Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Duke at North Carolina

No Ty Lawson, no Bobby Frasor, no offense from Wayne Ellington and Danny Green, well what do you expect, no victory for the UNC Tar Heels.

The first signs of a loss were observed at the second TV timeout, with the score tied, but game patterns so far were pointing towards Duke. And so right they were, the Dookies won, and they should have won by a lot more considering they had ten or so three pointers made more than the UNC Tar Heels (before the game was decided), and UNC had more turnovers than all the bakeries in NYC combined.

Psycho T had a solid game as expected, as the Dookies did not have a space-eater to fight him off. He did miss a couple of free throws more than he usually does, and was close to a 30/20 game. But Psycho T could not do everything. And there was no one to really help him, other than Ginyard.

The two Cali forwards came to UNC full of promise, but they are both under-performing. Deon Thompson started strong on offense, but then got in foul trouble and faded away. Meanwhile the more defensive minded Alex Stepheson was a turnover factory, which didn't help either.

Speaking of Cali forwards, there were at least six players from California in this game, played on the other coast, with such notables as DeMarcus Nelson, David McClure and Taylor Queen of Duke, and Deon Thompson, Q Thomas, and Alex Stepheson of UNC.

Duke won the game because of defense, three pointers, style of play, and such. Greg Paulass couldn't miss a three pointer, and just about every Dookie who played stayed within the game plan for the most part.

But given the way the game developed, UNC was much closer in the game, given how badly they turned the ball over, and they couldn't hit the dessert from the Grand Canyon, and the Dookies were making everything outside.

What would have happened had Ty Lawson played? Well, unless you have a way to check the result in the parallel universes we'll never know. But we will get at least one re-match in March when they square off in March on an ESPN Gameday Primetime game with Dookie Vitale.

Speaking of which, he is sounding more and more like a bigger diva than Paris Hilton. Yes, he was back baby!!! No more quiet games! It's all about the Vitale Show baby!

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