Monday, February 25, 2008

Texas at Kansas State

This was a nicely played game, with some excitement and stars and such. Despite Ron Franklin trying to put everyone to sleep with his monotone sinewave voice patterns, and Fran comparing body parts.

Did Rick Barnes dispel the rumors that he is not as good of an Xs and Os coach by throwing a box-and-one that put Beasley in an offensive straightjacket? We blog, you decide!

Texas showed how their crazy style of play can get them a win against just about any team, but can also cost them a loss against a lesser opponent. It goes with the territory!

Kansas State showed their growing pains. Both Billy Walker and Jacob Pullen have a lot of maturing to do, and first year head coach Frank Martin has to learn how to better be able to deal with such a situation. Not to take anything away from this brilliant first year season though. Billy Walker was 0 from 14 when the game was still on the line. Ouch!

And back to Texas, they will be my #1 when I submit my BlogPoll Top25 vote in a few minutes. Why? You have to wait for the post for the details :)

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