Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Bob Knight retires at 902

The news broke last night during ESPN's Big Monday: After 42 years and 902 wins, Bob Knight decided he had enough of it as a basketball coach and decided to retire effective immediately!

Sure, Bob Knight didn't care about 900 wins. Sure! He made a big deal out of 900 not being a big deal, but look now, just a few games after 900, he is retiring with the big 900 in his record book.

But don't be surprised if he pulls an "Eddie Sutton". From what is being told out there, the situation at Texas Tech may have been such that he was led to a decision to retire. Retiring now allows his son a chance to officially ba a head coach and makes it harder for the new Texas Tech administration to "remove" him.

Future Talk
Will we see Bob Knight coach San Francisco next year? Better yet, why doesn't San Francisco fire Eddie Sutton right now, and hire Bob Knight instead? Surely, Eddie Sutton must be feeling tired and need a leave of absence until, let's say, April 2008 ;-)

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