Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Keep on texting Kelvin Sampson!

If the cellphone industry ever needed a poster boy to showcase how addictive text messaging is, they should hire Kelvin Sampson and start a national marketing campaign! "I lost my multi-million dollar job because I couldn't stop texting!"

And to add insult to injury, and to add to the "dumb jocks" stereotype of athletes and coaches, Kelvin Sampson was texting all of his former players after their first game without him. Even the bench player Brandon McGee received a text that said something like "keep looking good on the bench" - in positive way we assume.

Texting your former players doesn't sound too bizarre, unless you just got fired from your high-profile job because you got caught texting players in violation of NCAA rules, despite being caught and punished for it the previous year.


kurt w said...

Wow, he's a sleezeball.

ncaahoops said...

LOL! Outside the Lines today will be talking about him in the "Tarnished Image" segment.

He can be the "Jared" of the text-messaging industry :)

Casey said...

And somewhere there is a college waiting with open arms for Kelvin to come and flout the rules again.


ncaahoops said...

Indeed! Especially after the recruits and wins he piled up at IU and the top class last season at OU.

Oregon State is desperate enough :)

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