Friday, February 29, 2008

USC at Arizona

Revenge is served cold and on ESPN! USC was able to "take back" their home loss against Arizona, in front of an ESPN audience, a rarity for Pac-10 games.

And once again the Arizona Wildcats ruined it for ESPN. As you may recall, earlier in the year, Arizona visited UCLA for the primetime Gameday Saturday spotlight game. And how did Arizona reward ESPN for this? They did not show up. They got 0wn3d, manhandled, ruined, B-ruined!

This time however, they woke up later in the game, and made it interesting enough for some people to stick around as they threatened to make a comeback, but USC was able to hold on and get yet another road win, something that will work in their favor when the NCAA selection committee picks teams and picks seeds and match-ups for the teams.

The other good news for the Condoms was the return of Hackett. Th return of the do-it-all glue guy is big news for USC as they transform from a bubble team into a team that could win games in the NCAA tourney with Daniel Hackett healthy and in the rotation.

On the other hand, Arizoan did not get back their missing piece, Nic "Hoops" Wise. And Nic Wise is the difference between an NCAA team and a bubble team for Arizona. Can Wise return early enough and can Arizona win a game or two with Wise in the line-up, so as not to find itself on the wrong side of the bubble? Arizona had a couple of close calls the last couple of years, but there is no Silver Fox this time around. Getting the benefit of the doubt this year may not be as easy for the Wildcats! But having the #1 SOS and strong showings at Allen Fieldhouse and at Calipari Forum will be in the plus column.

In closing, I have to repeat: What have they done with my Pac-10? It is looking more and more like Big-10! Meanwhile, ACC is going more run and gun, with Pope K implementing a variation of the Phoenix Suns offense, Wake Forest running faster than fast, and Clemson and such.

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