Monday, February 04, 2008

Projecting the Pac-10 teams in the post-season (the mid-season report)

We are the mid-point of the Pac 10 conference season, so this is a good time to post our predictions and projections and thoughts on which Pac-10 teams will make it to the post-season.

We are ready to project that UCLA, Washington State, Stanford and Arizoza will be in the field of 64. We are also projecting that USC and Oregon will also be in the field of 64, one way or the other. In the case of Oregon, they may even have to win the Pac 10 conference tourney or make it to the final, but we are projecting them in based on their style.

We are also ready to project that unless there is a big surprise in the conference tourney, we won't see more than six Pac 10 teams in the NCAA tourney. There are simply not enough wins out there! You can only beat Oregon State twice, every other win is pretty much not guaranteed.

So with that in mind, we are projecting that California and Arizona State will play in the NIT or the brand new CBI. Washington has a chance to make it to the CBI if they pile up some quality wins before the season is over.

Oregon State will be lucky if they can win one conference game! And that win may even be the #10 vs #7 game in the Pacific Life Pac-10 conference tournament!

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