Friday, February 01, 2008

Boston College at North Carolina

This North Carolina team with the Roy Williams style of play went from stumbling all over the place to a blow out win in just minutes. Defense was once again the achilles ...heel of the Tar Heels, with an ole four-minute stretch. Ole Roy went to a hockey substitution, the message was sent, and the stumbling all over on defense was over.

Poor Boston College is trapped in the flex (that sounds like a farscape reference). It's really hard for a beep-beeper like Rice to be trapped in a flex style of play, but that's what Al Skinner wants to play and that may make the game more entertaining from a Majerus perspective, but most people would rather see the BC Eagles run and gun if they can.

So what about UNC? I've been mentioning for a while now that I feel there's something missing for this team. And I continue to do so. Starting next week, I will be introducing an additional way of ranking teams, in additional to the usual rumblings of my blog poll vote. More on that later. For now, I would say that the Tar Heels right now look like an Elite 8 team to me.

Random Factoids you learn in a blowout
And if you were wandering how old Jimmy Dykes is, he is 44 - according to him. And if you were wondering how long it takes him to go coast to coast with the ball, it is 5 seconds and change.

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