Monday, February 04, 2008

Louisville at Marquette

The little guy was down with the flu and without D. James anywhere near 100%, Marquette did not have a good chance against the pressing defense of Rick Pitino. That, and it seems that this year Louisville has Marquette's number.

With a full compliment of players, and the players playing under control, the Louisville Cardinals look like a good team. But with the injuries and such, we really don't know which Louiville team will show us every game. We are definitely going to put Louisville in the top 25 when we submit our vote later tonight.

Marquette has its work cut out for it, and their style of player, and dependence on little guys makes the team more unpredictable than a team who has a more balanced or more traditional line-up. We've seen this pattern with a number of other teams, like Texas and Xavier, etc, etc.

So where do we go from here? Marquette needs to have a healthy D. James before anything else, while Louisville has to show up and beat Goergetown in the high profile ESPN Gameday Primetime game on Saturday. Georgetown is a team that you have to beat, they won't surrender the game (@Pitt game excluded). So that would be a good test for both of those teams.

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