Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Week #13 of the Blog Poll Top 25 is published!

Week #13 of the Blog Poll has been published! The final rankings and how did each blogger vote you ask? Well, look no further, they are all posted in this handy Google Doc.

The votes were cast sometime between late night Monday and early Tuesday by the way. Thanks to our blog poll commissioner at March to Madness for herding us blogging katz!

Memphis received all but one #1 votes. Who was the idiot who voted UCLA #1? Oh that was me :) And *gasp* Jimmy Dykes agrees with UCLA being the best team at the moment (as of his Tuesday game on ESPN)

The evil Dookies are at #2, and with Taiwan Lawson having to deal with ankle issues, they have a better chance to beat up the Ole Roy Wine and Cheese Heels.

We are not in the OZ anymore is at #3, then UCLA, UNC, and the Feisty Orange Pearls at #6. Georgetown at #7, Wisconsin at #8, the Stanford Brainiacs at #9 and the crazy Xavier Unpredictables at #10.

Last team in? Arggg, the Pitt Panthers. Last team out? The Gene Keady Boilermakers featuring Billy Packer's new favorite player, some white guy with a jump shot ;-)

For the rest of the top 25, visit the Google Doc where you will find links to all the participating blogs. Simply click on the blog name at the top of the google doc, and you will find yourself at the home page of that blog.

If you are a college hoops blogger and are interested in joining the blog poll, just let any of the participating bloggers know to get the ball rolling.

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