Thursday, February 07, 2008

Who is desperate enough to hire Bob Knight

Our initial post was just minutes after the Bob Knight news. Now it is clear that Bob Knight is not retiring at all. He is simply ejecting from Texas Tech before he gets Myles Brand'ed again.

It's rather clear now that his motives were to give Pat Knight a chance to be a head coach, without having to worry about the new university administration opening a nationwide coaching search. So Knight essentially is forcing their hand.

This also allows Bob Knight more time to evaluate the current openings and the openings that may become available. It also signals universities that may be considering a coaching change to accelerate their process and take a look at Knight - if he is their type.

Through various surrogates (read: almost all ESPN college basketball yes-men analysts) he had let it be known that he has "ten more years in him", which Vitale was shouting at the top of his recently repaired vocal cords over and over on ESPN.

So who currently has an opening or might be desperate enough to take a shot (no put intended) at Bob Knight?

  • Oregon State: Jay John is already gone, the arms race in the Pac-10 is out of control, and OSU is probably the one place on the west coast that Knight can get away with his antics and outbursts.

  • Nebraska: Whiled Doc Sandler is the head coach and he comes from the Bill Self - Billy Gillispie tree of recruiting success, he hasn't exactly delivered yet, and let's face it, Nebraska would get a big boost with Knight. But would Knight want to face his own son on the court at least once a year? Well, why not? He kicked him in public after all :-)

  • San Francisco: If they were desperate enough to consider Gene Keady and Eddie Sutton, why not go after Knight? It would make for an entertaining marriage! Bob Knight and San Francisco!

  • Pepperdine: Only because they are currently coachless and the Paul Westphall and Vance "AASAA" Walberg experiments failed

  • St Johns: This may sound strange at first, but if you look further into the numbers, you will notice that Saint John's has a hard time filling up MSG. Infact MSG just barely gave them a three year extension, and if they don't turn it around, they'll have to play outdoors or in a high school game. What better way to fill up the arena, that get Bob Knight. This is indeed a major stretch, but circumstances make strange bedfellows! (or something like that)

  • LSU fired John Brady. Are they desperate enough to consider Bob Knight?

  • more to be added as desperation increases

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