Thursday, February 21, 2008

North Carolina at North Carolina State

The in-state rivalry game never materialized as UNC managed to grab the lead and never look back. Granted it wasn't a cakewalk at first, but the Lawson-less UNC team also played with an injured Neon Deon Thompson, but did not miss a beat. The more Lawson stays out, the better it is for Q (Quinton Thomas). Imagine how good things will be for UNC when Lawson comes back. In fact Ole Roy may even be tempted to play them together for a few minutes.

NC State is finally getting back some of their injured players, but their lack of an ACC-caliber point guard is killing a team that has a number of serviceable and versatile forwards. The chemistry issues seem to be there, not necessarily personnel-wise, but skills and style of play wise.

What did we learn from this game? NC State will be lucky to make it to the new 3rd tier post-season tourney, while UNC is certainly a Sweet 16 team, a likely Elite 8 team, and has good chances of making to the Final Four, and it could also cut down the nets in April 2008.


Casey said...

Carolina is learning a lot about themselves without Lawson. Before Lawson the Heels thought they could outscore every team they played. Now they are playing defense. Lawson sitting out could be the best thing that ever happened to Roy Williams's gang.

ncaahoops said...

Indeed! That could be the difference between a run to the Final Four or another second (NCAA tourney) week disappointment!

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