Saturday, February 16, 2008

Indiana Basketball was back (until Kelvin muddied the waters)

First it was the state of Tennessee that was experiencing a great college hoops renaissance, and everywhere in the top 10 you looked, you saw a team from Ten-nessee, with Memphis, Tennessee and Vandy being ranked very high.

After that we saw the return of the state of Indiana to national prominence once again, first up with *gasp* Butler having a solid preseason and solid fundamental on-court performance, then Indiana with super frosh Eric Gordon was piling up the wins, and then the youth-movement at Purdue starting to pile up game experience and wins, and Purdue rose to prominence at a national level.

And while the Hoosier state was in a state of bliss of the revitalization of their hoops programs, Kelvin "500 calls" Sampson came in to muddy the waters. While his "cheating" [allegedly] will not likely affect this season, it will marr and scar the Hoosier Hoops Renaissance.

Don't look now but Purdue won their last ten games folks. Butler is a headache for anyone they play, and Indiana is anyone's guess. They could get blown out in the first round, or they could make a run to the Elite 8. Who knows...

PS> Oh yes, did we forget about Notre Dame or are we picking on Digger Phelps? Not that Digger is reading this blog :) Yes, Notre Dame is also having a solid season, adding to the Indiana revival!

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