Sunday, February 17, 2008

Bonnie Bernstein talks trash about the Atlantic-10

Not sure if it was her idea or if Bonnie Bernstein was reading from what others wrote, but during ABC's "Race to the Final Four" she called the Atlantic-10 a "fringe conference". A fringe conference? Come on Bonnie! How clueless are you? Or whoever wrote that sentence. A fringe conference? Idiots!!!

This was in ABC's "Race to the Final Four" that aired on Saturday February 16, 2008. Neither Tom Brennan nor Pat Forde stepped in to save the day. They let it slide! This should be available at and it will also repeat on ESPN next Monday. This is really sad.

Atlantic-10 fans, you know what to do! This is a slap in the face in a year that the A-10 is having a very solid game!


Anonymous said...

Bonnie Bernstein should talk trash about that trash conference because it sucks ass. Give that collection of St. Cupcakes and La Cream Puffs a steady diet of SEC and ACC teams and see if they can even bother to win a fourth of those games.

ncaahoops said...

LOL. I haven't looked at the A-10 comprehensive record, but from what I call Xavier owned Indiana, Dayton won at Louisville, among others!

Casey said...

Dayton, Xavier, UMass, and Rhode Island have a combined 9-0 record against the Big East.

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ncaahoops said...

That's why I thought what BB said was totally obnoxious. A fringe conference?

I guess that's what happens when they put general-purpose tv personalities to cover "seasonal sports".

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